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Budget Traveling, My Big Mistake

Hello readers,

How important is it to set a budget in life? The answer varies among people, but from experience, so far on this green earth, it is essential to financial planning. My recent travels to Europe really showed me the importance of setting a budget when traveling. If you don’t set aside a budget you will aimless spend more than you expect similar to a ship sailing with no destination.

During the trip, I just went ahead and charged all expenses on my credit card (credit card charges an international fee for currency conversion more about it later) not aware how much I spent on the trip. It was 12 days traveling journey throughout Europe and although I went well over my budget I know it was worth every penny.

The people, the food, the culture, and the chance to broaden my horizon and gave me the chance to grow mentally, physically, and spiritually. I find that priceless compare to the money I spent on this trip.

Initial Budget planning:
Budget: $1,700.00
Date of Travel: 12 days
Destination:  Ibiza, Barcelona, Brussels, Amsterdam, and London.

Actual Expense: $3,400.00

Key Points Learned from Traveling:

Set a budget – having a budget set the right tempo for the trip and set boundaries.

Plan ahead – planning to go to an events/activities will allow to buy pre sale tickets or swoop on cheaper deals instead of waiting until the last minute to buy an expensive ticket.

Look into Traveling credit cards -I was constantly charged international transaction fees which can be avoided by using the right credit card.

Always set sight to your next destination – learning what I did wrong and right makes me want to start planning my next adventure. Set a goal and do my best to achieve my budget goal.

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Week 1: $100 dollar Challenge Aug 7-13, 2016


Summary of the week:


Leftover mass gainer protein drink
> co-worker share his tuna sandwich > save 10 dollar
> workplace provide rice and chicken > save 10 dollar
Engagement party

drank all the fancy wines i can

food cost 34.40 ouch!


Breakfast – leftover bread 85 degree
free bagel at work


Bag of Rice and Chicken and Broccoli – homemade

Need gas $20 dollars


Work snack; fig bar, apple juice

Lunch :
work rice & check and broccoli

leftover fried rice from work, chicken and broccoli

Haircut – 10
Safeway: salad bag -4, mushroom -3, and chicken breast -11, eggs -2


Breakfest- work cereal

Lunch –
chipotle – share my budget goal with my co-worker Jose and he bought me lunch. #Winning
Made rice at lunch and bought home

Dinner – Chicken friend rice with salad


Meal for the day:
Cereal work
Salad with 2 eggs
Chicken with friend rice



Big Success: First week completed.

Big Failure: I went overbudget.


Spending Report: August 7-13, 2016

Mr. N Week 1

Budget Report

Mr. N Week 1

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