September 2016 Cash flow

Hello Comrades!

The battle to financial independent requires astute control on your finances.

For the month of September, I had a negative cash flow due to the foluntitledlowing.

  • Increase my contribution to my 401k at work to 50% of my salary, so my paycheck took a dive L
  • Spontaneous trip to Vegas, pool party bottle service(restaurant) $237.50, and transportation with hotel (personal care): $124.60

Restaurant and auto/transport skyrocketed this month because I went to Las Vegas, got a little crazy. Here are the costs:

  • Restaurant (booze, bottle service, and food) – $549.71
  • Auto/Transport (Uber, Lyft, and Taxi) – $88.28

Started an H&R Tax class to learn more about taxes to better my strategy against taxes:

  • Business Service $162.04

Student loans require me to start making payments, so I am making the smallest amount possible. Two reasons why I am prolonging my student loans: 1. Deduction against my gross income. 2. I can invest my money I would have use to pay my student loan to get a better ROI.


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