October 2016 Cash flow

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The battle to financial independent requires astute control on your finances.

For the month of October, I had a negative cash flow due to my new investment in McCormick and New York Water Company stock purchase plan.

Highlights on my cash flow statement:

  • Interest Income came from saving account J
  • $500 went to a Stock Plan Purchase for McCormick, people need spices for their food so this hold will be forever. Plus, I will contribute $50/monthly.
  • Investment of $500 went to New York Water Company, everyone needs water and they give 5% discount on all dividends that are reinvested.

Restaurant and auto/transport skyrocketed this month because I went to Las Vegas, got a little crazy. Here are the costs of Las Vegas:

  • Restaurant (booze, bottle service, and food) – $549.71
  • Auto/Transport (Uber, Lyft, and Taxi) – $88.28

We would love to show pictures but we don’t think that is a good idea.

How are your guy’s expenses for the month?

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