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A Brand New Mercedes delivery on Door Dash

I went to dinner last night with my cousin because my landlord parents are in town so we don’t have access to the kitchen. I mean we do, but it feels weird to cook while they are watching us. We went to go get Korean food, and chat about random topics. One topic that struck me was a door dash delivery experience he had. My cousin works at Target, and he was on break outside the store. He saw his co-worker sitting on the famous Target red bench chair outside, he casually walked over and ask him what he was doing. He said, “I just bought food on Door Dash and now I am waiting for the guy to arrive, he should be any minute now”.

Long behold, the car arrives. My impression of a car delivering food is an old Honda or Corolla, something fuel efficient (to maximize your income). However, this was not the case. A brand new Mercedes Benz pulled up to drop off the order.  My cousin, who is a college student, couldn’t’ understand the logic of what took place. My cousin colleague didn’t care or notice; he just went up the car said thank you and went about his business.

I work in corporate America and I can’t even afford a Mercedes Benz, I mean I could but I like to live below my means. I save my money so I can invest it in dividend stocks or real estate.

What kind of economy allows someone to buy a new Mercedes Benz, and use it to deliver food? I read articles, and the average door dasher makes is about $25/hour working full time. This $25/hour doesn’t take into account taxes, which will probably bring it down to $16-19/hour.

On a last note, this story takes place in one of the most expensive place to live San Jose, CA (San Francisco Bay Area). Median home prices just pass the 1 million dollar mark. Here is an article last year from Business Insider; it is probably more expensive today.

Have you heard of any bizarre story similar to this, are we in a bubble?

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30M Constipation Business

Holy cow, who would have thought create a little stool will make someone into a millionaire.

To sum up this article, this lady was suffering from constipation. She one day create a little stool to raise her leg up so she will be squatting (this basically help stretch your anus in squat position).

Life lesson: try out your simple idea and maybe you will become millionaire.

Check out the original article Here.


Mr. V


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401k A Hidden Weapon

Have you ever told yourself, I don’t have money to buy/fund a business?

Today, there is a hidden asset we all have, it is your 401k. You can use your 401k to fund a business venture, so that means all of us can become our own boss.

Here is the link to the article that opened my eyes. 410k A Hidden Weapon

Just sharing ideas, hope you look into it and start strategizing your game plan.

To becoming your own boss!!!

Mr. V

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How I increased my salary by 33% in less than a year

Greeting friends,

On September 2015 I got a job offer to become a stock plan administrator. I took this position without any experience in it. My previous job was in real estate, so I had to learn everything from scratch. I was nervous that I would not meet the expectation of my new employer, but my 33% raise tells a different perspective.

These advises I am about to share worked for me, not sure if it will for you. However, I can promise you one thing it will get your closer to a raise.

  1. Enthusiasm – Come to work excited, my manager told me she always like my enthusiasm to learn. I never back down or sounded disgruntled about learning new things. I always ask questions, and ask for book to read, and ask for recommendation on how to be better.
  2. Wear Big Shirts – This is a metaphor, have you ever wore a shirt too big for you? I did, but I wore big shirts because I wanted to one day fit them. I wanted bigger muscles on my body, so wearing big shirt helped me measure my progress. At work, I always ask for more projects or reading materials to learn more about my job. I did whatever I can to go above and beyond, and my manager told me that when I got my raise. Ask yourself, how big is your shirt at work. Are you wearing a small shirt, doing the bare minimum to survive at work or are you the guy with a loose shirt asking questions and requesting more projects.
  3. Certification– There are certification out there for all types of position. check it out and get certify. This alone will show potential employer that you can bring value to the company, and it show you are a go getter.

My message here is simple, success is simple. It is actually doing it which is hard, so good luck guys. Share your story, I am deciding if I should show you guys my actual promotion letter.

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Life Lesson 3: Creating a Life Plan

“Make plans like an adult and believe in it like a child”.

When was the last time someone asked you about your life plan? Some may wonder what is a life plan. A life plan is a list of goals you deem worthy to pursuit in your lifetime. Similar to a bucket list of things that you want to accomplishment. It is important to have one as it will act as a guide line when you find yourself lost, confused, defeated, or other life mishap happen to you. Image you need to go to the store and as you are driving there are no street signs to guide you to tell you where you are at. The steet signs are smiliar to your goals as it will help let you know where you are in life and where you need to go to get where you want . A life plan is never easy, but once you truly invest your time into the plan it will propel you forward into the destiny.

How do one develop a life plan? Answer a series a questions and it should get you in the right direction to create your own life plan.

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Profit and Loss YTD


Here is my first post of my year to date (YTD) trades, these trades are only for short term gain. I am trying to build more capital, so I can allocate it to my long term portfolio.  Will share with you guys how I transaction these trades in another post.

PL Statement

Question, comment, or share a link of your trades.

Let’s learn and grow together.

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