Here is a short summary of other bloggers who inspired us, and we hope this contagious enthusiasm spreads to you!!

Captain Dividend– His analyst of his dividend company is simple and easy to understand, not like other analyst with 15-20 page reports. He gives enough information for you to decide if you are interested in it or not.

Liveoffdividends is a wonderful website, I love the color the author has done with it. Also, he post fantastic articles about how to invest, and how to find those great dividend companies. It is a great place to share and learn if you are looking to invest in dividend companies.

Dividend Diplomats fantastic accounts of how they are pursing their goals of financial freedom through dividend investing. Check them out, and I promise you will learn how you can achieve your goals through dividend investing.

The Millennial Budget (MB) –¬†Smart young millennial from the Caribbean island. I read one blog post and was amazed at the emotional details he had when he first started investing. I’m still exploring it but there is a wealth of knowledge here, and it is easily relatable to your own personal life. Can’t wait to read more!!

More to come, we are actively looking for other like-minded bloggers….

Spread the Knowledge ^_^