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What the Health (2017)

A documentary worth your time to watch to uncover the secret of the largest health organizations in America. How the system has become a juggernaut in providing the consumer with information on what they believe to be in the best interest of the people. Kip Anderson does a great job providing medical reports and interviews from licensed doctors on the subject of health and food.

The video reminds me of all the great debate I had while I was in college. Our professors would always show at least one controversial documentary on a subject and the whole class will dive head first into the subject and learned the dirty truth of an industry or organization. This documentary definitely brings the audience into a new world on how our consumption is affecting the environment.

Would love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

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Budget Traveling, My Big Mistake

Hello readers,

How important is it to set a budget in life? The answer varies among people, but from experience, so far on this green earth, it is essential to financial planning. My recent travels to Europe really showed me the importance of setting a budget when traveling. If you don’t set aside a budget you will aimless spend more than you expect similar to a ship sailing with no destination.

During the trip, I just went ahead and charged all expenses on my credit card (credit card charges an international fee for currency conversion more about it later) not aware how much I spent on the trip. It was 12 days traveling journey throughout Europe and although I went well over my budget I know it was worth every penny.

The people, the food, the culture, and the chance to broaden my horizon and gave me the chance to grow mentally, physically, and spiritually. I find that priceless compare to the money I spent on this trip.

Initial Budget planning:
Budget: $1,700.00
Date of Travel: 12 days
Destination:  Ibiza, Barcelona, Brussels, Amsterdam, and London.

Actual Expense: $3,400.00

Key Points Learned from Traveling:

Set a budget – having a budget set the right tempo for the trip and set boundaries.

Plan ahead – planning to go to an events/activities will allow to buy pre sale tickets or swoop on cheaper deals instead of waiting until the last minute to buy an expensive ticket.

Look into Traveling credit cards -I was constantly charged international transaction fees which can be avoided by using the right credit card.

Always set sight to your next destination – learning what I did wrong and right makes me want to start planning my next adventure. Set a goal and do my best to achieve my budget goal.

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Week 3: $100 Dollar Challenge August 21-27, 2016

Summary of the week:

Spend 23.00 at the grocery store

Spend 10 dollars on Vietnamese Pho at lunch

Pack my own lunch for the day
Spent $40 on gas

Co-worker shared his lunch with me

Company party: Food Trucks

Spent 23 dollars at Safeway Road Trip food.

Family party unlimited Short Ribs and family Hot Pot

Big Success:
Writing this post.
Met my budget $100 budget! Yes! #beatingthegame

Big Failure:
I need to do a better job tracking my spending and writing more details into my post.
Improve on details in post and tracking expenses.

Spending Report: Use excel sheet

Week 3 Budget Report 1

Week 3 Budget Report 2

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Week 2: $100 dollar Challenge Aug 14-20, 2016

Summary of the week:


Breakfast: Subway 12in – breakfast sandwich steak $7.00
Dinner: Kim Chi Fried Rice
Pump Gas: 45:00

Breakfast: Breakfast at work
Lunch: Udon with chicken
Dinner: Togo Sandwich 8.75

Breakfast: Cereal at work
Lunch: home cook meal
Dinner: Canned chicken and rice

Breakfest: Work cereal
Lunch: Co-worker cooked
Dinner: Pasta

Breakfast: Cereal from work
Lunch: Salad w/ 2 eggs
Dinner: Protein shake and salad

Pure club lounge – 100 dollar on drinks
23 dollar for a friend BBQ

Big Success:
I am becoming more aware of my spending habits

Big Failure:
I still didn’t reach the 100 dollar budget.

Spending Report: August 14-20, 2016


Week 2 Spending bar

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Life Lesson 3: Creating a Life Plan

“Make plans like an adult and believe in it like a child”.

When was the last time someone asked you about your life plan? Some may wonder what is a life plan. A life plan is a list of goals you deem worthy to pursuit in your lifetime. Similar to a bucket list of things that you want to accomplishment. It is important to have one as it will act as a guide line when you find yourself lost, confused, defeated, or other life mishap happen to you. Image you need to go to the store and as you are driving there are no street signs to guide you to tell you where you are at. The steet signs are smiliar to your goals as it will help let you know where you are in life and where you need to go to get where you want . A life plan is never easy, but once you truly invest your time into the plan it will propel you forward into the destiny.

How do one develop a life plan? Answer a series a questions and it should get you in the right direction to create your own life plan.

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Leaving the phone in the living room?

Hello friends,

We came upon an interesting topic in which we believe is an epidemic among our generation. Cell phones and tablets are the lifeline to our daily habit and compulsive need to stay up-to-date with the latest style, news, and social media. The constant fiend for more information has placed all of us victim to late nights reading on the latest story development on a celebrity scandal.

Credit goes to the owner.

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