About Us

Our Story starts…. January 1, 2016

It took me three years, but I finally took the time to start this blog. My brother and I wanted to document and share our journey to financial freedom. My curiosity for financial freedom started one night when I woke up to my parents arguing. I don’t remember what they were arguing about specifically, but know it has to do something with not having enough money. As a kid I didn’t understand why they were arguing about money; we had a decent house, food, clothing, and a big backyard. What else more do we need?

Our curiosity about money eventually led us to the term “financial freedom”. We study all things related to financial freedom and eventually found some answers to our questions. For us the million dollar question was: ”Why did mom and dad argue about money?” Today, my brother and I are working together to build a lifestyle where money isn’t an issue. We want to own things that make us money, instead of us working for money.

This a blog design to keep us accountable on our endeavors, we disclose as much information as we can about our investment holdings and business ventures. We will throw out articles once in a while.

P.S. We are not professional writers, we are just ordinary brothers who want to join the financial freedom club.