About Us

I am from Stockton, a small city 30 minutes south of Sacramento, CA. I would have never thought I would be making a website, and writing articles about personal finance and investing. I came from an area where college wasn’t even talk about, maybe it was but I didn’t care to listen. I cared more about having fun, fitting in with friends, and a whole lot of dumb things. When I was about 12 years old, our family moved to Sacramento in hope of  a safer and brighter future; Stockton crime rates was soaring through the roof and my parents knew there will be trouble if our family stayed. In the moment, I hated my parents for it but in the end it worked out for the best. I went to college, and met a friend who gave me the legendary book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. If you are reading this, you probably have read this book as well. Come with me and others on our journey to change our financial future from rag to riches.

I am not a smart man; I don’t have any fancy degree. I just got a four year degree in business. I was that college students who went to the bars and blew tons of money: living in the moment right?  I don’t regret none of it, but I do wish I was smarter  with my money back then.

Our Story starts…. January 1, 2016

It took me three years, but I finally took the time to start this blog. My brother and I wanted to document and share our journey to financial freedom. My curiosity for financial freedom started one night when I woke up to my parents arguing. I don’t remember what they were arguing about specifically, but know it has to do something with not having enough money. As a kid I didn’t understand why they were arguing about money; we had a decent house, food, clothing, and a big backyard. What else more do we need?

Our curiosity about money eventually led us to the term “financial freedom”. We study all things related to financial freedom and eventually found some answers to our questions. For us the million dollar question was: ”How do people make money without working?” Today, my brother and I are working together to build a lifestyle where money isn’t an issue. We want to own things that make us money, instead of us working for money.

Let get the ball rolling!!


Book 4 Greatness – Summary of books you might want to read to expand your horizon

Wealth Builder – Articles ranging from investing, budgeting, wealth planning, anything regarding personal finance

Companions – Other writers/bloggers, who have inspired and gave us more wisdom about personal finance. Sharing is caring ^_^.

CashFlow/Profit – Monthly update of our cashflow statement, and little side gigs that made us a money


P.S. We are not professional writers, we are just ordinary brothers who want to join the financial freedom club. Please take all information as education purposes, and do your own research before taking action.