A Brand New Mercedes delivery on Door Dash

I went to dinner last night with my cousin because my landlord parents are in town so we don’t have access to the kitchen. I mean we do, but it feels weird to cook while they are watching us. We went to go get Korean food, and chat about random topics. One topic that struck me was a door dash delivery experience he had. My cousin works at Target, and he was on break outside the store. He saw his co-worker sitting on the famous Target red bench chair outside, he casually walked over and ask him what he was doing. He said, “I just bought food on Door Dash and now I am waiting for the guy to arrive, he should be any minute now”.

Long behold, the car arrives. My impression of a car delivering food is an old Honda or Corolla, something fuel efficient (to maximize your income). However, this was not the case. A brand new Mercedes Benz pulled up to drop off the order.  My cousin, who is a college student, couldn’t’ understand the logic of what took place. My cousin colleague didn’t care or notice; he just went up the car said thank you and went about his business.

I work in corporate America and I can’t even afford a Mercedes Benz, I mean I could but I like to live below my means. I save my money so I can invest it in dividend stocks or real estate.

What kind of economy allows someone to buy a new Mercedes Benz, and use it to deliver food? I read articles, and the average door dasher makes is about $25/hour working full time. This $25/hour doesn’t take into account taxes, which will probably bring it down to $16-19/hour.

On a last note, this story takes place in one of the most expensive place to live San Jose, CA (San Francisco Bay Area). Median home prices just pass the 1 million dollar mark. Here is an article last year from Business Insider; it is probably more expensive today.

Have you heard of any bizarre story similar to this, are we in a bubble?

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